Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Spook House


Arctic Luke said...

Awesome. Been meaning to comment on your other recent posts too- really good. I still can't get over how much prep you're doing for Hob Bob. It's impressive.
Are you going to ink the final pages?

I like this clean line stuff. It'd be great for comics.

aeron said...

Thanks Luke. I've been successful with my planning of Hob Bob as each time I rework it the book gets better and better. It started out as a 60 page doodle comic that I was making for laughs. Some stupid idea about a goofy character looking for his head. I wasn't planning it out at all, just drawing page to page. I got about 20 pages into it and then it struck me. I wanted to make it a serious effort. So I started writing out a script with chapters. It finished at 200 pages, I drew out thumbnails, then it went up to 400 pages, I added a big conflict in the middle of the book, added another 100 pages and finally, I'm locking myself at 500 pages or I'll never get around to really drawing it. I'm satisfied with the first books sketches so I'm going forward with drawing it very soon. I'm drawing each panel as an individual drawing in graphite. The goal is to make each panel function as a stand alone drawing that can be framed. The ultimate goal is to have a collection of thousands upon thousands of drawings I can put on display from the book, and simultaneously promote the book itself and sell it wherever I display the artwork.

Funny you should mention this image for comics, that's exactly what it's for. My first short color comic.