Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hob Bob - Journey Of The Head

Here's an example of the crap Hob Bob's head has to go through. A cave creature goes to sleep in a shallow grave with Hob lying on top. A cave slug slithers through Hob's head and pulls him along with it. As the slug slithers into a large smoking skull, Hob slips loose of the slug and begins rolling down a steep slope.

Hob's head rolls down the slope, stabs a cave giant in the butt, then is angrily thrown out of the cave and into a small stream where a hound like creature picks him up.

The hound takes Hob's head to a bone pit to chew on like a toy. The hound's head is smashed in by a troll like creature which takes off with Hob's head while catterpillar like creatures go about eating the bones clean of the dead hound.

The troll climbs up a totem pole and places Hob's head on top. It is immediatly stolen by a giant bird.

The bird passes over a large group of Tobos cultists and their giant monster slave that is normally kept in a maze as it is too powerful to keep locked up but too ignorant to find its way out of a maze. The bird reaches its home and drops Hob's head into its nest.

The bird vomits small creatures over Hob as it feeds its children. During the feeding frenzy Hob's head is bumped out of the nest. And finally, as if Hob hadn't been through enough already, an odd bird like creature decides to take a crap on top of his head.


seanthesean said...

yeah, this is the good stuff here. always fun to look at.

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff. Is this a work in progress or is there something I can buy or even get for free...whatever it is keep it up!!