Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Strange Dreams In Strange Places

I found a giant half alive octopus washed up on a beach about the size of a house. Its mouth was gaping open like a weird circular doorway with sharp teeth. I was scared to enter it at first because I thought it would eat me but I eventually walked inside. While creeping through it became this weird organic labyrinth of passages inside the octopus's tentacles that somehow interconnected between one another in a looping design. It felt like walking on a giant sponge as the interior surface of the octopus was greyish blue and flesh like. There was shallow water on the fleshy ground with small strange looking fish floating near my feet. It felt like I spent forever trying to find my way back out of the octopus and at some point I sort of became conscious of myself in my dream and realized how bizarre the whole thing was. I think that's the only reason I was able to remember it.

In another dream from a few nights before I was wandering around a giant graveyard with hundreds of masoleums. I snuck into one and walked down a large staircase within a huge stone interior space. I walked down a gigantic hallway with coffin cabinet doors lined across each stone wall. In the distance were a couple of giant cyclops creatures that were pulling open the coffins and eating the dead out of the caskets like tv dinners! One of them noticed me and I ran back out. The dream faded with me running out of the graveyard.

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Robert Adam Gilmour said...

That's what dreams are all about mate, they feed you.