Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sketches for page 43-48 of Hob Bob


seanthesean said...

I love that last panel there with the demons circling around the central figure! This shit is exciting!

aeron said...

I'm glad you feel that way. That full page of Zob Bob riding on the creature is the cliff hanger ending of the first book. Last chapter shows Zob destroying an entire city, with Hob Bob wandering around headless and his head lost in some weird cavern. So at this point the audience needs to be like, Hob Bob, find your fuckin head and take this bad dude out!

Also, that page in the upper middle, with the creature swooping down across the street and zapping a crowd of people into burned skeletons, goddamn I'm looking forward to drawing that page!

seanthesean said...

i just started thinking about how this would look if it was inked like Jack Kirby... man oh man. That'd be insane. I can't wait to get my comic's empire off the ground... grumble grumble. I've got some kids who are in line for it though.