Thursday, December 20, 2007

Traveling Magician

Here's a digital collage sketch I threw together recently. Still rough but it gets the idea across. A magician from the Land Of The Moth passes across the lands of illusion, a continent dominated by a cult of magicians. One small part of a vast fantasy world that I'm working on.


Soma said...

Of God! Please no magician infested continents! It seems to me that this is where fantasy writers always get it wrong - separating categories of people in space. In the real (and weird) world around us, people of given persuasions live amongst, around, on top of all sorts of different types, and they find ways to recognise and meet each other, forming cliques, organisations, movements. Maybe that's why I find most fantasy worlds so unsatisfying, with their neatly segregated lands of dwarves, elves, dragons and magicians. Stuff your magicians in with the atheistic rationslists, housewives, traders and, yes, dwarves. If you must.

On the other hand, I rather like that picture. Reminds me of a Jan Svankmeyer animation. I must watch some Svankmeyer again.

I will take myself and my entirely unsolicited comments and kick myself out of your door now. Cheerio.

Aeron said...

The word "magician" in the more typical fantasy novel sense could come off sounding generic but I promise my magicians are unlike anything you've ever read or seen. And I'm sure that word carries with it a heavy weight of Harry Potter films and unoriginal and boring fantasy novels, but I promise, I'm coming from someplace very different than a world of elves, dragons and dwarves.

And yes, Svankmajer is a great influence! always glad to see that picked up on.


Aeron A