Tuesday, November 06, 2007

International Horror Guild Award

So I found out a few weeks ago that I was nominated for an International Horror Guild Award that was to be presented at the World Fantasy Convention in New York last week.

And according to their website the winners are..

• Aeron Alfrey. Exhibits from the Imaginary Museum (www.ligotti.net/gallery/alfrey.html)
• John Picacio. Cover Story: The Art of John Picacio (MonkeyBrain)

Also Nominated:
Camille Rose Garcia. Camille Rose Garcia: Subterranean Death Clash, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York
Chris Mars. Chris Mars: Subderma, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York
J.K. Potter. Cover and illustrations: A Soul in a Bottle by Tim Powers (Subterranean)


Human Mollusk said...

Whoa! Man, that's awesome news -- congratulations!

thanielionlee said...

hello, i am wondering if you could look at my art and tell me what you think

Aeron said...

Thanks, Fufu. I wish I could have gone, yeah to this too! To meet Moebius and Shaun Tan, I guess Shaun Tan got artist of the year and Moebius lifetime achievement or something like that?

Luke Pski said...

WOW! COngrats Aeron!!

Aeron said...

thanks luke.

Paleo said...

YES! congratulations Aeron, that's goes to show cynics like me that thought, "Nah!, Aeron's too good an artist to win a prize!"

ebola said...

congrats mate !!

MD Encolpius said...

congratulations!!! on the prize