Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More Monsters

Here's something I did for an art show of monster drawings that opens this weekend. If you're in the Houston Texas area, check it out. There's a weird puppet show going on alongside the art show called "Art Mummy". Click the pic below to find out more about the show.

I've recently finished work on a digital piece going into Craig Yoe's third volume of the Arf books. It's the best thing I've done all year.


Adam said...

I came across this page of traditional japanese I-guess-I'll-call-them monsters, and thought it might be something you were interested in. Maybe for your link blog? Anyways:

You might have to change your text encoding to see it correctly, I'm using firefox on a mac so I don't really know who that works otherwise.

Adam said...

I don't know why the link didn;t copy right, bu the end should be Sekien/index.html

aeron said...

Thanks for the link, Adam! Very strange beasts in that gallery. It's an odd coincidence that you posted that as I just did a large post about Japanese monsters at MonsterBrains. I'll have to add this to the post.

Adam said...

No problem, Aeron. I look at Monster Brains all the time for inspiration, so I'm glad to return the favor. I also have to put my three years of studying Japanese to use somehow, so why not for monster pictures, you know?

Luke P. said...

Hey Adam! Good to see you around here again. I'm going to link up your blog to mine if that's okay.
I dropped into to give this link-

- I bet both you and Aeron will like it..

aeron said...

Great, I gotta put both these links on MB right now. There's a particular image on that link you posted Luke that really impressed me. Lots of damn weird stuff on that blog.

Adam said...

Sure thing Luke. As soon as I figure out how to edit my links section I'll add you and Aeron on there.

That site is right up my alley, do you know the guy?