Thursday, May 28, 2009

Walking At Night/ Dreaming Of Monsters Underground

I was walking the other night, on the edge of town. I was crossing a bridge when I looked down and saw a large gaping hole in the dirt below. It was probably the size of a car and the bottom was hidden by darkness, so maybe it went down for dozens of feet, I don't know. But it made me wonder what could have made that hole. I imagined a large alligator like creature with dozens of reptilian arms and sharp earth digging claws. A long sharp snout with a twisted mouth that spirals around to the tip, a long crooked jaw full of small sharp glistening teeth that jut in every direction. The skin solid as a rock and scaled in some overlapping pattern, small sharp plates peeling backwards. The head would work like a giant drill, letting it carve through the ground. The eyes, perhaps dozens, scattered around the long cone like snout. The tail would likely move whip like, with some tattered mass of dark hair or dozens of snake like fingers, letting it brush the earth aside from its passages into the world below.


Freshwreckage said...

Your work is very awe inspiring. For some odd reason, Clive Barker comes to mind when I look at your work. I am a writer. Short stories and screenplays mostly, but I am very imaginative visually speaking. One of the creatures I imagineered years ago while driving down a lonely road was... and impossibly large centipede. like... ten feet tall and maybe 4-60 feet in length. but fur covered. like a deer. and it's legs were in fact normal sized deer legs. with quite a few of them obviously broken. thousands of maddened eyes stare back at the viewer as this thing crossed the road. It would make a cacophony of mewing noises as well.... I dunno, It looks worse/better in my mind. Sorry for the rank desc. Anyways... keep up the awesome work. Please! We need more artists like you.

Aeron said...

Thank you, and such a great vision of an incredible creature. About ten years ago I was driving in the country at night when I came upon a large group of deer, at least 20, all crossing the road at once. I hit my brakes but still hit one of the smaller deer, which smashed into the hood of the vehicle and bounced off like a basketball. It stumbled, then ran into the field with the rest. The number of deer legs I saw twitching across that old country road, the frightened eyes and the blur of fur, it makes it easier for me to picture this beast of yours.

I don't know why but I get some of my favorite ideas walking or driving late at night. I suppose the blank dark shapes and black spaces allow my imagination to push things in.

And the Clive Barker comparison is interesting, I've been a great fan of his for most of my life and have had the great honor of meeting him on several occasions at book signings. At both signings he was kind enough to give me sketches, both, strangely, of weird masks on sticks which I have framed.

Freshwreckage said...

I wish I could create visually. Truly I do. I have such visions in my head that beg to be set free but.. as often as I have taken up a brush, I have failed. I am destined to solely paint with words. But I will definitely check back on your work.