Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Artists Inspired by Stephen King

"I just heard about a pretty cool book that's being released in October 2009. Its title is Artists Inspired by Stephen King and it' s a very large art book, about 11 x 15 inches, with 400 pages featuring full color artwork from the earliest paperbacks to the present day. Most of the work will be full page and many of the images will be double-page foldouts, like Michael Whelan's Firestarter and Stephen Gervais' Christine cover.

The book is divided into three major sections with supplemental sections that are dedicated to individual artists. There is a Berni Wrightson section with about 55 works, and a Michael Whelan section with about 60 works. The book will feature all of the art from the limited editions published in the US, along with some of the limited edition artwork from around the world. Nearly all of that artwork will be reprinted full page, without lettering or logos.

And as if that isn't enough Gervais, Whelan, David Ho, Douglas Smith, Ned Dameron, and many others are creating all-new original work for the book as well."

The above is a quote taken from Stephen King fansite Lilja's Library.

Well, I think you know why I'm bringing this bit of information up on my art blog, I'll talk more about it next year. And have I ever mentioned I'm a big fan of Stephen King's story, The Mist?


Kevin said...

Really good and intresting blog.

I love King's work.

Jesper said...

You better start to save up today because it will probably be expensive. The same publisher also published a likewise book titled "Artists Inspired by Lovecraft" with a price tag of $225 for the "cheapest" edition and $2500 for the most expensive. But according to those who bought the book, it was gorgeous!!