Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Clockwork Guardian


Arctic Luke said...

I'm really liking these. They'd make great screenprints too.

aeron said...

Thanks, this is the first realization of a huge section of my book "The Land Of The Moth". Something that I'll be spending the next 10 years making. There is a place in the Moth where wind up devices walk about and clockwork machines spin and grind into the sky. It is a clockwork city that is built upon a fondation that turns along with all the gears in every object.

I had the idea that the Clockwork Guardian would function like a Golem, automated by the gears that animate the city itself. The concept of the city is as a gigantic version of those clocks you see where the automated characters spin out of compartments from the clock and back inside when the hour chimes.

I've plans on designing dozens of other characters from the clockwork city made up of unusual compartments filled with gears and organs. These will be fitted into the vast digital composition that I'll use to illustrate the Clockwork City. In the final book I'll probably have one page with the digital illustration and another page of text dedicated to writing about it.

I'm planning out making this image of the clockwork guardian into a 6 foot tall painting. I think if I made enough painted interpretations of my digital work at a very large scale I could have an impressive and very derranged array of imagery to showcase in a gallery.

Ray Frenden said...

I admire your dedication. It's inspiring to see you planning for ten years of future work. Awesome.